A Great Example Of The Science Of The Positive At The Societal Level - The Healthy Dine Nation Act of 2014.

I came across this story in The New York Times about the Healthy Dine Nation Action of 2014 and I wanted to share with you. At the end of last year The Navajo Nation Council approved a 2 percent sales tax on the junk food such as cookies, chips and soda, which are sold on the country's largest reservation. The revenue generated would go into a Community Wellness Development Projects Fund and "would channel the funds to various projects among the nation's 110 chapters" including "farmers' markets, vegetable gardens and exercise equipment." The article reported that "American Indians and Alaska Natives as a whole have the highest age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes among U.S. racial and ethnic groups," which is just one of the many reasons this is such a great example of how the Science of the Positive can be implemented at the societal level. I'm wondering if you have any examples like this that you might want to share and if you do, I'm hoping that you will do so in the comments section below. Thanks.

(Photo - https://capitalbreastcare.wordpress.com/page/2/)