Thoughts On Mind-Wandering And Reflection.

"Mind-wandering is the by-product of two important mental capacities: the ability to disengage from perception (ignoring something that's present), and the ability to engage in "meta-awareness" (focusing on our own thoughts)."

The recent article at Fast Company titled "The Scientific Benefits Of Mind-Wandering" focuses on the benefits of "mind-wandering" - "the tendency to have thoughts unrelated to your current task" - on creativity. But as I read the above statement, I found myself thinking about the Science of the Positive (Spirit-Action-Science-Return), specifically the Return stage - where the Return also means reflection - and how important the components of mind-wandering are to our ability to reflect. I'm curious what you think about this association, as well as, what you do when you want to reflect. I'm also hoping you will share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thanks.

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