Resources and Publications

Dive into the Science of the Positive and Positive Community Norms by browsing the documents below. A complete list of Dr. Linkenbach's publications is available upon request.

An Introduction to Positive Community Norms

Dr. Linkenbach authored this overview of the Positive Community Norms framework as an introductory guide to PCN leadership, communication, integration, and reflection.  

Applying the Science of the Positive to Health and Safety

A short introduction that outlines how the Science of the Positive can transform health promotion work.

Essentials for Childhood: Steps to Create Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships and Environments

In 2007, Dr. Linkenbach was invited by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevntion (CDC) to be part of its Knowledge to Action Think Tank on Child Abuse Prevention. The group met quarterly for three years, with the goal of translating the CDC's research on protective factors into actionable strategies.  Significantly, the group was charged with finding ways to promote protective factors from positive perspective. This document summarizes the results of the think tank's work. 

Promoting Positive Community Norms: A Supplement to CDC's Essentials for Childhood

As a result of his involvement in its Knowledge to Action Think Tank on Child Abuse Prevention, the CDC commissioned Dr. Linkenbach to author a supplemental document on promoting positive norms -- one of the four strategies the agency recommends for builing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children. 

Balancing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with H.O.P.E*: New Insights into the Role of Positive Experience on Child and Family Development (*Health Outcomes of Positive Experience)

This report, authored by Dr. Linkenbach and other investigators affiliated with the nation’s leading child advocacy organizations, highlights the importance of positive experiences for healthy childhood development, adding a new dimension to recent attention on the harmful effects of adverse childhood experiences. In this report, new evidence based on population surveys demonstrates the important role for positive experiences on lifelong health and well-being. 

Making the Case: Why Prevention Matters

In this whitepaper published by Prevent Child Abuse America, Dr. Linkenbach explains that when cultures of health and safety are transformed in positive ways, one result will be prevention of child abuse and neglect. He describes how the Science of the Positive is an important framework for bringing about this transformation by aligning its core domains of Spirit, Science, and Action.