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Positive Community Norms Trainings

The Positive Community Norms (PCN) approach to prevention identifies protective factors, increases healthy norms and transforms community cultures on issues including underage drinking and substance use, impaired driving, child maltreatment and neglect, youth suicide, and more. Our team of trainers offer one- to three-day PCN Trainings for coalitions and organizations on implementing effective norms-based behavior change interventions.

Positive Community Norms was developed based on the principles of the Science of the Positive. Together, they help communities achieve authentic and measurable transformation while helping individuals and organizations improve their leadership potential and move from busy to effective in their work.

“It was truly a worthwhile investment for us to bring a TMI training team to our small, rural towns in Central and Western Massachusetts. The training demonstrated a new and eye-opening approach for some of our community partners. We are confident it will strengthen our regional substance use prevention efforts.”

We also offer Positive Community Norms Youth Trainings for youth groups and teen leaders who want inspiration, understanding, and activities to help them create change in their schools and communities.

“You grabbed our youth's attention with meaningful content, thoughtful activities, and consciousness-awakening questions. What a GREAT day!”

The Montana Summer Institute

Join us for TMI’s signature summer training event in beautiful Big Sky. Discover the most up-to-date information about Positive Community Norms, connect with colleagues, and be inspired by top-notch prevention leaders from around the country. Learn more here.

“The Montana Institute was one of the best professional development trainings I have ever attended. It was the first time I left a training feeling rejuvenated and empowered--a stark contrast to the usual sense of exhaustion and brain-drain I get after several days of training. They really focus on both personal and community development which makes every moment of the Institute worthwhile. It doesn't hurt that it takes place in a beautiful location, too!"

 Transformational Leadership Development Workshops

Boost your leadership capacity with TMI’s Science of the Positive Transformational Leadership Development Workshops. Strong leadership is the key to project success, and our unique Transformational Leadership assessment, individual leadership profiles, and skill development tools can increase your capacity for effective management and energize your whole team.


Our team learned tangible ways to bring these skills home to improve our organization. Very helpful!

H.O.P.E. (Health Outcomes of Positive Experience) Seminars

H.O.P.E. is a powerful complement to ACES-based work that opens exciting new opportunities for promoting health in children and adults. Research shows that positive childhood experiences both support child development and mitigate the effects of toxic stress.  H.O.P.E. builds on this research, reversing the ways we typically understand resilience, neuroplasticity and the developing brain to offer a more holistic foundation for programmatic efforts to assess and address child and family needs. Book a remote H.O.P.E Seminar to learn how HOPE-based strategies can increase resilience, open new avenues for prevention, and promote positive transformation in individuals and communities.

NEW! Our first-ever H.O.P.E. Summit is being planned for Spring 2020 in the Boston area. Contact us through the form below for updates.


“Wow!! So interesting and applicable. My HEART was on FIRE for this information. Thanks so much.” “White matter keeps growing. Great message to remind ourselves over and over and to share. We are not doomed by our ACEs!” “Made the connection between myelinated neurons that can grow/heal/repair being like community work. So not just brains, but community connections can be “myelinated” to establish norms by healing hope. Brilliant!” “Reshaped how we regard the ‘burden’ of ACES. Great information.”

Custom Community Consultation

TMI offers a full range of professional services, including Survey Development, Administration and Data Analysis, Evaluation and Sustainability Planning, Executive Project Consultation, and Personal and Corporate Coaching. Get in touch to find out how we can support your work.

Keynotes and Presentations

For over 25 years, Dr. Jeff Linkenbach has been inspiring others to take a more courageous and authentic inner path to achieve positive results in their lives and in their work. Dr. Linkenbach’s presentations, speeches and workshops will help you serve more effectively as an individual leader and increase the impact of your community or organization. Each presentation is designed to meet the needs of your specific audience. Dr. Linkenbach will develop material and processes to ignite your conference, project, workshop, or seminar and help your team move from busy to effective through positive transformation.

For more information on any of our training services, or if you have questions about what we do, please contact us using the form below. 

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