Your Why Matters: A conversation with TMI Trainer Jason Anderson

Amanda Decker, host of the Organizing for Change Podcast, sat down with TMI colleague and trainer Jason Anderson. Jason is passionate about health leadership, fatherhood, theater and the outdoors. In this episode, he and Amanda talk about the importance of finding your “why.”

If you don’t have time to listen (see links, below), here are three insights that Amanda distilled from this episode:

  • Your Why Matters. Most people are not motivated by facts, they are motivated by emotions. This is why your “why” matters.

  • Appreciate and Understand Someone Else’s Perspective. Even though you may disagree, it is important to be empathetic, and try to understand where someone is coming from. Just being willing to hear someone express their perspective can open the door for communication.

  • Don’t Be the Expert. Our attitude matters. If we come across as the “expert”, people tend to be defensive and shut down. Instead, Jason talks about remaining curious and engaging people in the solution as a better method for getting results.

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