For over 25 years, Jeff has been inspiring others to take a more courageous and authentic inner path to achieve positive results in their lives and in their work. Jeff’s presentations, speeches and workshops will help you serve more deeply as an individual leader and increase your impact as a community or organization.

Jeff is available to partner with others to develop new applications of the Science of the Positive to build strategies to help you and your organization welcome lasting transformation and measurable success.

Jeff’s most-requested workshop topics include:

The Science of the Positive™
The Science of the Positive™ is a framework for individual and collective transformation. Developed over two-decades of research and practice, this approach helps us to unfold into THE BIG NEXT phases of our personal and collective lives. Key topics include Change vs. Transformation, Moving Beyond Fear, SPIRIT — SCIENCE — ACTION, and the Seven Core Principles of the Science of the Positive.

The Spirit — Science — Action Framework
SPIRIT first — then SCIENCE — to lead ACTION.
This simple yet profound framework is a timeless code embedded in all successful social movements and institutions. Participants delve into in-depth reflections on the personal and collective meanings of these three domains, and learn how this framework can provide a new way to approach their work and their lives.

Seven Core Principles of the Science of the Positive
The Seven Core Principles of Transformation provide the blueprint for all applications of the Science of the Positive™. These timeless leadership principles were developed over two decades of research and practice, and are now the foundation for all of Dr. Linkenbach’s transformational work. The principles provide the way of integrating the domains of Spirit, Science and Action. Through experiential exercises, personal reflection and discussions, participants engage with the principles at both personal and organizational levels to move toward THE BIG NEXT with purpose and passion.

Welcoming “The Big Next”
The purpose of life is to WELCOME THE BIG NEXT that is unfolding around us and through us. Principle-centered leaders who study the dynamics of change and transformation are able to predict the future because they are creating it. When we get stuck trying to understand the next big thing that we seek to accomplish, we need to invest internally in expanding our capacity for THE BIG NEXT paradigm to emerge.

Re-Writing Your Transformational Story

The human brain is hard-wired for story; narrative is how we understand the world and our place in it. The seven phases of transformation are represented in an archetypal story. Knowledge and exploration of these seven phases provides a framework for understanding personal and collective transformation. Beginning with the first phase, “The Calling,” participants will embark on a journey to re-write their stories to become more purposeful and effective.