What is Positive Community Norms?  

The Positive Community Norms (PCN) framework is founded upon Seven Core Principles of the Science of the Positive (Linkenbach, 2007) as a way to organize community health research, policies, and program implementation. PCN cultivates measurable cultural change by working on multiple community levels and factors at once. It is applied using a rigorous seven-step action framework has demonstrated effectiveness in organizing strategies for creating meaningful social change and transformation (Linkenbach, 2015).

Another core assumption of the Science of the Positive is that “the solutions are in the community.” In every community culture, there are examples of health, protection and goodness that can be discovered, measured and amplified. By searching for protective factors—as opposed to only looking for markers of risk— we shift from a traditional problem-only orientation to measure healthy behaviors, attitudes, and strengths. Using The Science of the Positive process as its guide, the PCN framework focuses on increasing positive, healthy, normative attitudes and behaviors, operating from a holistic frame that honors and recognizes concern as well as hope. 

The PCN framework focuses on four primary skill areas: leadership, communication, integration and reflection.   

What Is a Positive Community Norms Communication Campaign?