The 2013 Montana Summer Institute attracted 130 participants from state and community organizations from around the country. They came away from the institute with new information and inspiration to take back to their work in fields such as traffic safety, child abuse prevention and substance abuse prevention. Two of the keynote speakers were Elizabeth Mills, President & CEO of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services and Mike Tooley, Director of the Department of Transportation. Here's a sample of what last years' participants had to say about the Institute: 

“It is one of the most well-run and friendly conferences in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. The people and setting allow the space for ideas and creativity and learning to flourish.”

“Everyone (leaders and attendees) shares an authentic and compassionate voice. So refreshing. Great energy.”

“Relationship building, networking, and knowledge. “

“I loved to hear all the ideas shared, the collaborative efforts, the programs that are already in their 5 yrs. Plan for their DFC or the other programs they have. I wished we had more partners and agencies we work with could come with us.”

“A great place to build your spirit and ignite your passion with some of the greatest leaders of our country.”

“It was enlightening, inspirational, and has left me with a new batch of energy and ideas to bring home.”

“This is one of the best – is the best training I have attended. Well organized, well presented, excellent! Thank you.”

“Awesome presenters! Great networking!”