Transformation is an uncomfortable and sometimes challenging process. In order to make and sustain meaningful change, we must reorganize the way we think and communicate — starting with a shift in the way we perceive what is going on around us.
— Dr. Jeff Linkenbach

Personal Coaching

Over the course of his career, Jeff has helped thousands of individuals create lives with more meaning and impact. Using the principles of The Science of the Positive, he provides his clients with a vision for where they are headed and a roadmap for getting there. 

 Jeff works over the phone with clients around the world, though some choose to come to Montana for one-on-one coaching under the Big Sky.

 The Science of the Positive in Practice:

At a corporate occupational health and safety organization representing 3.3 million service workers and 83,000 businesses across Ontario, Canada, Science of the Positive principles were used to develop executive team leadership goals and a communication framework. After this work, the company CEO came to Montana for a Science of the Positive “boot camp” – an onsite visit where, over three days, she focused on the spirit of transformation in leadership, the science of planned change, and actions to implement best practices. The CEO later sent key leaders to Montana in order to align her entire executive team with the Science of the Positive principles.