If we allow ourselves to believe we are disconnected from other people, nature, and Spirit, we promote fear.
— Dr. Jeff Linkenbach

Outdoor Montana Intensives

Studies suggest that higher ceilings foster creativity in problem solving, and there’s no higher ceiling than the Big Sky. With Jeff as your guide and coach, these custom-designed outdoor experiences provide the perfect conditions for positive transformation. 

Hone your reflexes, communication and intuition by serving as a hand on a working cattle ranch. Cultivate finesse and perseverance fishing one of Montana’s world-famous rivers. Discover your own stamina and fortitude while backpacking across the Beartooth Plateau or exploring the wilds of Yellowstone.

Learning to live in harmony with the natural world, rather than work against it, is at the very heart of Jeff’s vision of the Science of the Positive, and throughout his life, when he has needed to look inward, move through a stuck spot, or find insight or inspiration, he has headed for the wilderness. Now you have the chance to go with him, while getting one-on-one or small group coaching. 

Jeff at one of his favorite Montana fishing holes. 

Jeff at one of his favorite Montana fishing holes.