Effective leaders dare to see the tiniest seed of the Positive in every situation, because they know it has the power to transform everything. Wise leaders realize the Positive is always present and that their primary job is to make this reality more visible to others.
— Dr. Jeff Linkenbach

Organizational Consulting

Jeff has offered his unique insights and expertise to private businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies for more than 20 years. He specializes in leadership development and coaching based on the Science of the Positive. Using this transformational framework, he helps leaders and organizations identify threats, stuck spots and limiting misperceptions; set goals and targets; and build the capacity to become more efficient and effective. 

Jeff begins by talking with you and your team and learning where you are in your work, as individuals and as an organization. He then creates a tailored consulting plan that best promotes the deep transformation that he helps his clients achieve.

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