Happiness Is Contagious. Which Makes Me Happy.

It's true, just reading this piece made me happy. As I mentioned previously, I found a piece in the HUFFPOST GOOD NEWS - "Here Are 10 Powerful New Insights From The Science Of Happiness" - on the Science of Happiness that I planned to revisit here from time to time. Today I want to introduce you to some new research. The article from Psychological Science titled "A Sniff of Happiness," found that "when sniffing sweat from someone who felt happy, the women (in the study) were more likely to exhibit an authentic smile. According to the researchers, this means that happy sweat may have a distinct chemical makeup that our noses pick up on." The HuffPost article goes on to suggest "that, by surrounding ourselves with happier people (and their scents), we could bring more positive emotion into our lives. And by becoming happier ourselves, we could be boosting the happiness of our friends and family without even realizing it." All of which makes me happy. What would also make me happy is to hear your thoughts on this research, and I hope you will share them in the Comments section below. Thanks.  

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