Correcting Misperceptions And Stereotypes.

Recent research conducted by the University of Arizona - "Alcohol use among Native Americans compared to whites: Examining the veracity of the ‘Native American elevated alcohol consumption’ belief" - not only proves that the harmful stereotype that Native Americans abuse alcohol more than non-natives is false, but that the myth of “the Drunk Indian” must cease. The Science of the Positive is a process that promotes correcting misperceptions and stereotypes that are harmful and do not honor what is good and beautiful about communities and cultures. Myths that reinforce misperceptions of cultures and communities are particularly damaging because the myth creates a framework from which people often gather data to support their faulty view. This is known as confirmation bias, and as social science researchers, our team at The Montana Institute are constantly looking for data which can serve as ‘tipping points’ to shift faulty, shameful views. Data like these can serve to liberate and honor people by speaking about deeper truths about who “they” and “we” really are. I hope you will join me in this important conversation about misperceptions, stereotypes and confirmation bias by sharing your stories in the Comments section below. I also hope you will come back so we can keep this conversation going. Thanks! 

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