Can Pursuing Happiness Make You Unhappy?

It can, and what recent research has shown, is "that the pursuit of happiness [does] indeed lead to less well-being for Americans." In an earlier post I mentioned an article I found in the HUFFPOST GOOD NEWS - "Here Are 10 Powerful New Insights From The Science Of Happiness" -  on the Science of Happiness and that I planned to revisit it. Today I want to introduce you to some new research. A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology titled "Culture shapes whether the pursuit of happiness predicts higher or lower well-being" found that "the impact of culture on the pursuit of happiness seems to be related to the way different cultures view happiness... In Russia and East Asia, study participants were shown to strongly equate happiness with social relationships...something in line with their more 'collectivist,' or group-oriented, cultures. In Germany and the United States this wasn't the case, probably a result of their more 'individualistic' orientation." The piece goes on to say that as social ties are "well-known indicators of well-being," if we "focus less intensely on [our] desire to be happy and just concentrate on building social relationships," which can make us feel more connected, and potentially more...happy. I hope you will take a look at the piece. I am also wondering what you do to feel more connected? And if you find these efforts make you more happy? I also hope you'll share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thanks. 

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