Seeing Something Bigger Than You.

In my previous post "Ahh... Bigger Is Better Right? Not Always So," I wrote the following:

"Maybe we need to re-think BIG? Maybe it isn’t about a bigger house, car, paycheck or other quantifiable things. Maybe BIG is an inside move. Maybe a new way to think BIG is to think about increasing unseen, internal qualities like satisfaction, peace of mind, connectedness to people and nature. Maybe your BIG NEXT move is about expanding the quality of how you are experiencing your typical work day. "

Today I want to discuss a piece I read this week that speaks to elements of the BIG NEXT, connectedness and quality of life.    

This piece is titled "Astronauts report an “overview effect” from the awe of space travel—and you can replicate it here on Earth," and what the piece speaks to is the "overview effect," or how "the sight of earth from space transforms astronauts’ perspectives on themselves and the world."

The question is whether we can only accomplish transformation by traveling into space? The author of the piece argues that this is not the case, that we can do so while staying on Earth, and that to do so we should consider engaging in activities such as transcendental meditation.

I'm wondering what you think about all of this and what activities you would suggest for achieving the overview effect and your BIG NEXT?

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