"There’s No WIFI In The Forest But You Will Find Better Connection."

All of the work we do with the Science of the Positive is about creating positive cycles and feedback loops. Keely’s All Girls Camp is an amazing example in my life. In the1990’s I was a weekend ski racing coach for the Big Sky Ski Racing Team. One of the ‘hot shots’ on the team was the middle child of three racers named Keely Kelleher. While I stepped away from being a weekend warrior coach, Keely dove deeper into ski racing and developed a very successful ski racing career as a member of the U.S. Ski Team. Even more impressive than her personal success as a ski racer, is Keely’s leadership and positive influence on the lives of young women from around the world through the development of Keely’s Ski Camps for Girls. The all-girls camps have done more for developing confidence and a positive outlook on life than any other experience our daughter engages in. What these young women experience at a week with Keely and her world class team of all female coaches transfers off the ski slopes into all areas of life and in the spirit I want to share an article with you from Ski Racing Magazine by Jessica Kelley - who has been one of Keely's coaches from the start - titled "5 Things I've Learned Coaching an All-Girls Ski Camp at Mount Hood." I hope you find the piece as inspirational as I do and I also hope you'll share your reactions in the Comments section below. Thanks.

(Photo - http://www.skiracing.com/feature/5-things-ive-learned-coaching-an-all-girls-ski-camp-at-mount-hood/)