Improving, Shifting And Changing.

The process of the Science of the Positive is a circular process that begins in the east with a focus on SPIRIT. When we work with leaders and organizations, we are intentionally working through the different domains of SPIRIT first, the SCIENCE to lead ACTIONS, and a RETURN through reflections and critically examining our experiences.

One of the aims of “the work” is to expand our awareness and knowledge in each of these domains by paying attention to our typical work day. Our energies naturally ebb and flow based upon the many things going on in our lives – and they also shift throughout each day.

A recent study that was presented at the American Sociological Association (ASA) meeting finds that peoples’ spiritual awareness varies, rather than being constant throughout the day. While the study is not representative of the general population (people self-selected into it), it does provide a source of data that we might build upon with other Science of the Positive studies.

Core Principle #5 – Being Perfected - challenges us to realize that all of us are constantly improving, shifting and changing, which is the learning and transformational process.  Realizing that it is normal or typical to have fluctuations in spiritual energy and awareness throughout each day can allow us to lighten up and realize that this ebb and flow is a common experience of being human.

One of the tangible ways that we can apply this core principle of Being Perfected to our lives is to identify our dichotomous thinking (either-or thinking) and replace it with ‘yes-and’ thinking to experience a more holistic way of seeing a situation.

In the referenced study, the authors identified one of these opportunities. They found, that "There is a complex interplay between spiritual awareness and the situation. Sometimes the situation you are in affects your spiritual awareness. Other times your spiritual awareness affects the situation you're in."

Yep, this is how life, and spirituality are both “yes-and.”

I am curious about your thoughts on this ebb and flow, Being Perfected and spiritual awareness, both your experience of these things and how you manage them during the day, and I hope you will share them in the Comments section below. Thanks.

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