Create Positives Cycles Of Change.

Practicing positive perceptions creates a chain-reaction of positive cycles in our lives.  

Unfortunately for many of us, the converse is also true as our lives are experienced as an unending chain of multi-tasking and busyness. We rush through traffic, squeeze errands in between errands and answer e-mails while trying to solve problems. We rarely have time to reflect upon how our daily thought habits are inter-connected and build upon each other.  

Investing in negative thinking it is like getting caught up in a cycle of financial debt. With financial debt, you must constantly take out loans to pay for the interest that is built up from other loans. You are working to make someone else rich. You experience hopeless dread from the burden that you are working and living for someone other than yourself. A cycle of negative thinking--where one negative thought triggers another does the same thing to your spirit. At its extremes you become cynical, paralyzed and hopeless. It is also more than mere coincidence that people who struggle with financial debt reflect these same attitudes in other areas of their life. There is a way out.  

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying, “Compound interest is the eighth natural wonder of the world and the most powerful thing I ever encountered.” Compounding interest works by constantly adding the interest you earn onto your principal investment. By continuing to combine both your original investment and the new interest you are earning, you constantly grow your principal and the amount of your return.

If you examine financial growth charts on a daily or monthly basis, not much appears to be happening at first. But don’t be deceived. With steady investments over time, something magical begins to occur. In fact, a principal investment earning 10% will double every 7 years!  So the sooner you start investing, the greater your returns on the road toward financial freedom.

This same principle of compounding interest applies to creating positive cycles of change in your life. The way out of this debt cycle is to recognize and create positive cycles of change in your life. You grow The Positive in your life by investing your attention toward what is good.  Slowly you will begin to perceive The Positive expanding its presence in your life. The positive investments you have been making in how you perceive your life will begin to demonstrate the amazing power of compounding results. Amidst the daily challenges, setbacks and busyness of your everyday life you may not immediately notice dramatic changes. In fact, if you attend too closely to short-term mood swings you can easily become discouraged by losing sight of the subtle positive changes that are beginning to grow in your life.  

One of the immediate benefits that you experience as you actively invest in positive  perceptions is that you feel lightness and freedom. You begin to feel that there is more to life and you are actually going to have some of it. You realize you are growing something that can’t be taken away because you are working for yourself—you are no longer a slave to the negativity of your own thinking. You are creating positive cycles of change. One positive thought triggers a positive action, which triggers a good feeling that leads to noticing something positive that you had not seen before… This is the miracle working in your own life.  Take time today to invest in The Positive and enjoy the long-term benefits.

Strategies: Create Positive Cycles of Change

1. What are some of the positive benefits you are experiencing as a result of practicing positive perceptions in your daily life?
2. Where do you have opportunities in your ordinary routine to make very small changes and practice positive thinking? During meal preparation, waiting in traffic, in between appointments?  
3. How can you begin to focus on creating more positive in your life?  
4. Are you waiting for the big fix—the rescue—by winning the lottery of your life? Or are you willing to become a millionaire of your thought world by slowly and surely by making consistent investments of positive perceptions and allowing those to compound over time?
5. Make a mental checklist of ten positive things that happened to you in the last 24 hours.  Then take time to notice how they are all connected.

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