No Time To Think.

There is an essay in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times today by Kate Murphy titled "No Time to Think." In the essay Murphy writes about how society thinks of itself as "insanely busy," at work, exercising, playing fantasy football, and on their mobile devices. Murphy also describes a recent series of experiments where the "majority of participants reported that they found it unpleasant to be alone in a room with their thoughts," and goes on to write about the ways suppressing the negative is harmful for people, for example, impairing our ability to feel empathy for others. The essay suggests that we have to allow ourselves time to think, which reminds me of the Science of the Positive Core Principal - "Be Present." Murphy concludes the essay by writing, "while busyness may stanch welling sadness, it may also limit your ability to be overcome with joy." I am wondering what you think about this essay and how we use busyness to escape the negative. I am also wondering what you do to "Be Present," and I hope you will share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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