A Full-Time Focus On The Montana Institute.

I want to let you know that the demand for The Montana Institute (TMI) to provide teaching and training on the Science of the Positive, with applications like positive community norms, is expanding, and I am committing myself to a new full-time focus on this work through TMI.

I remain committed to exploring methodologies that positively impact culture across a variety of health and safety issues. As creator of different approaches, such as the positive community norms framework, I will continue to seek new innovative ways to unleash the power of solutions that exist in each community.

For example, The Montana Institute will now host the Annual Montana Summer Institutes on Positive Community Norms and provide other training opportunities as well.  

Further, I am encouraged by the Transformational Leadership outcomes and stories that the Science of the Positive is seeing from leaders across North America, and I am passionate about learning and leading in this area.

Last month (along with my friend and colleague, Dr. Bob Sege) I had the opportunity to provide two days of training to 700 leaders in the area of Child Maltreatment Prevention. We focused on Transformational Leadership through the lens of the Science of the Positive.

The positive response and need for additional training is amazing, and I am energized to meet these needs.

I would be honored to continue to serve you through TMI. I see this time in my life as one focused on my own personal, and professional, transformation as well. I look forward to the opportunity to work together in upcoming years.