Generate Power Through Your Peaceful Mind.

A key reason for maintaining a stressful approach to life is that we don’t understand the incredible power that we can generate with a peaceful mind. We fear that if we choose to experience peace instead of angst, we would suddenly become less productive and vulnerable to the destructive power of others. The opposite is actually true.

The problem is that perceiving the world and other people as dangerous, means that you must constantly be ready with a fight or flight response in order to avoid an impending crisis or attack. Of course it is easy to justify the need for such an approach toward life through examples of your preparedness and defenses. But what are you really proving by clinging to this perception? 

What you are really demonstrating is that The Law of Perception is operating in your life.  Simply stated, this natural law shows you that, what you perceive to be real, becomes real to you its consequences. You experience that which you see and expect. The danger and the attacks actually become your reality. The question you must first answer is, “When will you be willing to relinquish your faulty perception in order to experience a different reality?”

Going through life in a hyper-alert state takes its toll on your well-being. It consumes your thoughts, disrupts sleep, interferes with intimacy and pushes people away. It takes an incredible amount of energy to maintain and defend this misperception that you must stand against the world. This type of white-knuckled approach to life is exhausting and will rob you of the joy and rest that your heart desires. 

The peace of mind that you crave is the very solution to overcoming your fears. It generates power. Not power as we typically associate power such as with stature, titles or dominance over others. I am talking about a deeper power that transforms your life and then ripples outward having a positive effect on everyone you encounter. This is true power!

I am constantly amazed at the quality that peaceful, calm, quiet-spoken people bring into a room or meeting. These people are far from being spineless or ineffective in their roles as CEOs, government officials, and parents. You know who they are because they have a calm confidence that is contagious and attractive. 

Start your day in quiet solitude by emptying your mind of everything except breathing. Allow yourself to take a 15 minute vacation into The Positive, where you choose to experience nothing other than peace. During this time, as thoughts come into your mind you must actively filter and reframe them in a positive, peaceful way before you dismiss them and go back to your breathing. 

As you seek peace you will dissolve your fears of being powerless against an onslaught of perceived evil powers. This simple strategy will effectively produce the powerful results that you seek and deserve.

 STRATEGIES: Generate Power Through Your Peaceful Mind

 1. Decide when you will be willing to relinquish your faulty perception of needing to stay stressed out as a way to survive life.

2. Ask yourself: At this moment, is my need to cling to a fight / flight outlook on life more important than peace? 

3. Drive to work without listening to the radio. Drive slower and rest in the peace of the moment. 

4. Monitor yourself throughout this day.  Each time you feel stress, remind yourself that you could change your perception and interpretation of events so that you feel peace instead.

5. Choose to see each stressor in your life as an opportunity to become more powerful by transforming it into its true peaceful reality.

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” 


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