Concern And Hope.

I recently came across an article in New York Magazine titled "Your Positive Thinking Could Be Holding You Back." In it the author argues that based on the research he has conducted, "positive fantasies either did not help or significantly hindered individuals from achieving their goals. Any way you sliced it, conventional wisdom in psychology and self-help literature was wrong: positive thinking wasn't always helpful. Yes, sometimes it did help, but when it came in the form of a free-flowing dream—as so much positive thinking does — it impeded people in the long term from moving ahead." This got me thinking about the Science of the Positive and how one of the greatest misperceptions about the Science of the Positive, is that people confuse it with the Positive Mental Movement. In fact, the Science of the Positive seeks to merge both Concern AND Hope in order to achieve positive outcomes. This difference is crucial in our understanding of the Science of the Positive, and so I want to know if you have any questions about this. I am also interested in your thoughts on the article. And I want to invite you to share both your questions and your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thanks.