Putting The Science Back Into The Science Of The Positive.


I wanted to draw your attention to a recent article titled "Ratio for a good life exposed as nonsense." This article is about challenging the math in a study on positivity and it is a reminder that to apply the Science of the Positive in our lives, organizations, and communities, is to recognize the importance of all four essential stages - Spirit, Science, Action, and Return - that comprise it. In this case, it is recognizing the important of science, and as stated in the article, this "report joins a movement in psychology to clean up research practices." I hope you will take a look at this piece, I hope you will value all four essential phases of the Science of the Positive, and I hope you will share your thoughts on all of this here, so we can discuss them together.

(Photo - https://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~tuffley/sammy/LinAlgDEs1.html)