Busy Or Effective?


So often when we meet people and we ask them how they're doing, they tell us that they're busy. Not happy or sad. Healthy, full of longing, or curious about the world and themselves. Just busy. It is understood that we know what that means, that "busy," is the way of the world now, and it is what it is One question I like to ask people though is, "Are you busy or effective?" This is a theme I will come back to here at the blog, but for now I would like you to think about how you would answer this question, how you might answer it differently next time someone asks you how you are doing, and invite you to share your thoughts with me here in the comment section. I would also like to draw your attention to a post on the Harvard Business Review Blog titled, "Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are," and leave you with the below excerpt.

"To assume that being “busy” (at this point it has totally lost its meaning) is cool, or brag-worthy, or tweetable, is ridiculous. By lobbing these brags, endlessly puffing our shoulders about how “up to my neck” we are, we’re missing out on important connections with family and friends, as well as personal time. In addition to having entire conversations about how busy we are, we fail to share feelings with friends and family, ask about important matters, and realize that the “busy” is something that can be put on hold for a little while."